About Me


I'm a 50+ year urban astronomer.


I'm also an ex-editor of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's, Toronto Center newsletter 'Scope.  Trained in meteorology I spent several years in Canada's extreme high-arctic launching weather balloons.  I later worked for the National Research Council's Space Research Facility launching scientific balloons some exceeding 100 meters in diameter.  I was also part of the Launch Team of Canada's scientific rocket program participating in 35 sub-orbital launches.  The program studied the edges of the atmosphere and the near-Earth space environment to 1,200km altitude.


Now retired I reside near the center of heavily light-polluted Toronto and its five million residents.  It is from here I pursue astro-imaging from a 9th-floor balcony using a camera-equipped 20cm SCT telescope and still marveling at the heavens.

Ken Pilon

The White Zone

An Urban Astronomer's Light Pollution Guide to Balcony Imaging

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