Unless otherwise stated all images were taken in a Bortle 8-9 white-zone with a ZWO ASI-178mm mono camera.

Messier 13.  20cm SCT, F10, exp 3 sec x 120 frames = 6 min.

Messier 56.  3 sec x 60 frames = 3 min, limiting magnitude=17.3.

Messier 71.  5 sec x 27 frames = 2.3 min, limiting magnitude=17.5.

M45.  Nebulosity just starting to show.  Taken with an ASI178mm camera on an 80mm, F5 refractor.

Exposure was 18 minutes.  Image has a limiting magnitude of 15.0.

The Double Cluster (NGC869 & NGC 884).

Six-minute exposure using a Canon 80D with a 400mm lens at F8 at ISO 16,000.

M53.  Magnitude 8.3.  20cm SCT, F5, 0.5X Focal Reducer.

2,100 frames x 0.4 seconds = 14 minutes total exposure,

M19 at magnitude 7.5.

20cm SCT, F5.6, exp=7.7 mins, EL=19 degrees, limiting magnitude=17.8.

Imaged through an open window.

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