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Unless stated otherwise all images were taken with a ZWO ASI-178mm mono camera

Quasar APM 08279+5255 taken with an amateur telescope from a city balcony.

Quasar APM 08279+5255 (mag 16.5) is generally regarded as the most distant object an amateur can image.

Double Star (20cm SCT Star SAO 99032 Sep

Double Star SAO-99032.  Magnitudes 7.2/7.5, separation 1.5".  20 cm SCT at F10.

Polaris ISO=3,200 Exp=32x10 400mm F6.3 L

Polaris and the North Celestial Pole.

No telescope.  Canon 80D camera with a 400mm lens at F6.3, ISO 3,200.  FOV=2x3 degrees.

This 5.3 minute exposure in 3.5 magnitude skies reaches a limiting magnitude of 15.5.

M85 and NGC 4394 (M=10.0 & 10.9 E=11m).j
M85 with SN 2020nlb (M=12.4).jpg

Supernova 2020 nlb before and after eruption.

June 20 and July 17, 2020.

20cm SCT, F5.6, 12 minute exposures.

The White Zone

An Urban Astronomer's Light Pollution Guide to Balcony Imaging

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