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Equipment Used

All astro-images on this site were taken with the following equipment...

Telescope #1

  • Celestron model 8SE (20 cm SCT, F10 optics with a GoTo drive on an Alt/Az mount).

  • Light shield over the objective.

  • RACI finderscope (9x50 right-angle finder with lighted cross-hairs).

  • Bahtinov mask.

  • Five-position filter wheel.

Telescope #2

  • Orion ST-80, (80mm/F5 refractor).

  • Bahtinov mask.


Camera #1

  • ZWO ASI-178mm monochrome camera.

Camera #2

  • Canon 80D DSLR.


  • Fire Capture (camera control and image downloading, free).

  • AutoStakkert or RegiStax or Deep Sky Stacker (image stacking​, all free).

  • Zoner Photo Studio (image processing similar to Photo-Shop, purchased).

Imaging Filters

  • Deep Red Filter - Improves atmospheric seeing and image contrast when imaging planets, Sun and Moon.

  • 1000 Oaks LP-1 Light-Pollution Filter - For dual-band Ha and OIII emissions of emission nebulas.  It also moderately reduces light-pollution.

  • ZWO IR/UV Cutoff Filter - To remove bloated stars due to focusing issues at IR & UV frequencies.

Misc Equipment

  • 0.5x Focal Reducer - increases field-of-view 4x, reduces exposure times by 75% (turns my F10 'scope into an F5).  For full effect its location within the imaging train is important.

  • Laptop - for camera control and image download.

  • Shelf - at a convenient stand-up height for laptop use.

  • Table - for those needed accessories.

  • Large Plastic Tub - for convenient outside equipment storage.

The White Zone

An Urban Astronomer's Light Pollution Guide to Balcony Imaging

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